Factoring in a nutshell

Factoring in a nutshell


We buy your invoices to an agreed price. Sale as non-recourse (we take over late payment risk ) and you can improve key figures and get an improved cash flow. To meet IFRS/USGAAP requirements for true sale.


In stead of buying your invoices we can finance the invoices – either with or without recourse. Invoice financing will put you in a better liquidity position, so you can benefit from better relationship with your suppliers – and from the flexibility of factoring as we adjust the size of the facility with seasoning, growth of your company etc..


Protect yourself against your debtors defaulting. One single loss can cause severe damage to your business and damage your cooperation with other financial partners. Through BNP Paribas Factoring, you can achieve 100% risk cover on your debtors.


Sales of receivables disclosed or undisclosed to the debtors

How does it work?

  1. SELECT YOUR CUSTOMERS to be included
  2. An electronic file with the account receivables of the selected customers, is assigned to BNP Paribas Factor
  3. CASH is released to you upon receipt of assignment by BNP Paribas Factor
  4. You remain the collection agents on behalf of BNP Paribas and retain full commercial contact with your customers


You can remain the collection agent on behalf of BNP Paribas Factoring and retain full commercial contact with the debtors.

Clients experience is key and we aim at preserving it thanks to high quality standards. However, some of our clients would prefer to keep the full control of the relationship with their clients. In both cases, we can adapt...

You can also choose to let us handle the management of the accounts receivables

We have the resources and many years of experience to professionally take care of the ledger service. 

This includes for instance:

  • Allocation of payments from the debtors
  • Sending account statements monthly
  • Calculation and collection of late payment interest
  • Sending reminders in case of late payment

Exchange of data on payments, invoice data and credit data between us and customers via file transmission. This is a fast, reliable and secure way of exchanging information.

Benefit of outsourcing:

  • Focus on business growth
  • Free extra capacities
  • Benefit from local practice knowhow and high performance standards
  • Get rid of bad payment behaviour or cultural gap in this area.

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