Traditional factoring


What is Traditional Factoring Solutions?

Traditional Factoring is generally known and used primarily as a working capital solution. However, factoring is not only related with financing. BNP Paribas Factoring give utmost importance to each of these three main traditional factoring services and keep innovating them to be able meet with your precise business needs. We consider these three services as;

  • Financing: Easy & flexible access to working capital.
  • Risk Coverage: Secure against bad-debt!
  • Receivable Management: Less operational workload, more focus on your business with optimised time-management and less cost.

You can either use our traditional factoring solutions separately or optional for different combinations of these services according to your business needs.

Who can benefit from our Traditional Factoring Solutions?

Thanks to our multi-segment approach, we can serve companies from different industries with different segments, from entrepreneurs up to big corporates.

Why do you need BNP Paribas Factoring Traditional Solutions?

  • Do you need working capital for your growth?
  • Do you need additional funding?
  • Are you looking for discounts from your suppliers?
  • Do you want to improve your balance sheet structure?
  • Do you need to regulate your cash flow?
  • Do you need to rationalise your credit management and administration of accounts receivable?
  • Do you need credit cover to be protected from bad debts?
  • Do you need to offer longer payment terms to your buyers?
  • Do you need collection and dunning?
  • Do you need much more time to focus on your daily business?

If your answer is ‘’yes’’ to least one of these questions, you can benefit from a factoring solution! 
For more information about our traditional factoring solution and process, please watch our video.

Besides these, BNP Paribas Factoring have other traditional factoring solutions which are modified and adapted to local country specifics.

It is called tailor-made factoring solutions. These solutions are mainly market and client centric solutions which are designed by our local entities while taking different criterias into account usually differ from one country to another. 

You can discover more about our tailor-made factoring solutions in our tailor-made factoring solutions page or check local BNP Paribas Factoring website in your country.

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